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Highland looks to future during planning meeting

“Keep Highland rural” and “connect our parks with paths” were two of the popular suggestions from about 50 Highland residents who gathered at the Highland Township Planning Commission meeting May 18. A visioning session was held to gather ideas for a new Master Plan. The question was asked: What do you want Highland Township to be in 10 to 20 years?

Led by members of the commission and Community Planner, Doug Lewin of Carlisle, Wortman Associates, participants were broken into four groups to share their thoughts on:

• Natural Features
• Business Development
• Transportation and Utilities

• Residential Development

Lewin reminded participants that the Master Plan is based on, “The resources and assets of the community and the limitations of land.”

As each group considered future Highland in the next decade or two, residents contributed ideas important to them.

Addressing Highland’s expected population growth from 19,172 (June 2020) to a projected 19,782 (2045), suggestions included affordable senior housing and additional services for seniors. The expected rate of growth in the township is greater for seniors than for families with

school age children. Other suggestions included improving Internet services and paving several area roads to accommodate increasing traffic.

At the end of the evening, residents voted on the ideas gathered. The most popular

concepts included:

  • Connectivity- more sidewalks and trails to connect the community.
  • Broadband – better internet options.
  • Business – encourage more small businesses to open in Highland.
  • Sewers – people recognize the importance of sewers in lake areas, but do not want

    sewers township-wide.

    All ideas are being reviewed by Lewin and his team who will present the Goals and Objectives portion of the new Master Plan to the Planning Commission on June 15. The public is invited to attend.